Bleuenn Shaw and the Acoustic Road Show

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Acoustic roadshow

Date(s) - 14 Jul 2019
5:30 PM - 7:30 PM

The Eldon House

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What do irish people do abroad? They open irish pubs or play music. Bleuenn’s dad did both, so thats the environment she grew up in, in Brittany (FR). Carrying on her musical heritage of foot-stomping lively and heartily , Bleuenn founded the Acoustic RoadShow three years ago in Brest (BZH). The band have been on the roads so far so good, with well over 150 gigs referenced in the book, and are now Bristol-based.

This well-travelled three piece bring with them a lively and magical repertoire of trad, folk rock and bluegrass sounds, punctuated by an ode to the international habit of cheering, a pleasure repeatedly shared with the audience!

Acoustic roadshow

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